About James TownThe James Town property is a historical site that was settled in 1865 along what is known today as the ill-fated overland Telegraph Trail. The telegraph was to connect Europe to North America. A trail was built along the line to transport material and supplies and serve as a means for maintenance to the telegraph and its operators. The Telegraph Trail linked New Westminster and Fort Langley with the Caribou Wagon Road and the Gold Rush. The property became a farm in 1865 and has continued to be a working farm since.

During the 1980s the price of milk dropped and it was no longer viable to keep the property as a dairy farm. The milk quota was sold along with the cattle, and the farm turned its attention to horses, soon after Langley became the horse capital of BC. In the 1990′s the property planted a large poplar plantation that yielded 45 acres of high bred trees for a pulp company in New Westminster. In 2000 the property’s primary focus was an Equine facility and tree plantation. Since then filming has become active on the property leaving a legacy of an authentic Western Town. James Town is now expanding into horse clinics, agri tourism, and school programs utilizing the western town as a backdrop.


  • 1800s Western Town (portable buildings)
  • 1950s Small Town
  • Open field
  • Multiple forests
  • Lake
  • Multiple road and trails
  • Working horse operation

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